Why You Can’t Miss Universal Studios Japan’s Summer Festival 2017

Bring the heat up and cool down at Universal Studios Japan’s Summer Festival!

Clocking in at 35 degrees celsius in the middle of July, summer is in full swing at Universal Studios in Osaka, Japan! With this weather, it is the perfect time to have fun under the sun and get soaked at Universal Studios Japan’s Summer Festival. From surprise water gun fights to special treats only available during summer, this festival is something no one should miss.

Officially launched last June 30, 2017, the Summer Festival is an addition to Universal Studios Japan’s many other attractions. So what can you expect from the Summer Festival?

Minions Water Surprise Parade

This parade is a party, a show, and a game jam-packed in 45 minutes. Bust out your moves and dance with minions as they trot their way down the streets and get ready for a wet and wild surprise at the end of their show! Armed with plastic water guns and water hose, both kids and adults will have a blastin’ time shooting water at others and dodging it from everyone in the parade.

Event start time: 2:00 PM
Event duration: ~45 minutes

Klook Pro-Tip: Believe us that this parade will be a water fight. Bring a change of clothes or wear a poncho if you don’t want to walk around the park dripping. Although we highly recommend that you skip the poncho and fully enjoy the experience! You would also want to capture the party with your lens so make sure to bring protection for your gadgets!

Summer Market

1. Giant Coca-Cola Vending Machine

What better way to cool down from the heat of summer with an ice-cold soda? Get yourself a can with this giant vending machine that’s only available during the Summer Festival! Heads up though! You might want to step back when you push the button or you’ll get splashed as the cans drop in a bucket of water. Or not!

2. Summer Splash Water and Power Co.

Feeling warm and sticky? No problem! Have a quick run under the path of waterfalls or even splash your face with the water! You will sure be refreshed and ready to explore the rest of the park after this fun break.

3. Turkey Leg Challenge

Hungry? Head to the Summer Market and get yourself a Turkey leg! Not only will this satisfy those hunger pangs but is also your ticket to join the 5-second Turkey Leg Challenge where you can win the Summer Edition Minion popcorn bucket!

Here’s how the challenge goes:
1. Stand between the timer and button – the timer behind you
2. Once the timer starts, your goal is to hit the button at exactly 5.00 seconds!
3. You can try counting in your thoughts or follow your instinct but hit it at the right time and you earn a prize!

Make it even more fun! Challenge a friend or a stranger to play the game! Whoever hits the button closest to 5 seconds gets to bring home some bragging rights. LOL!

Minion Ice Cream Sandwich

Tiramisu or Marshmallow? Take your pick and head to the Despicable Me Ice Cream Parlor! Yummy ice cream sandwiched between banana and chocolate flavored cookies, this summer treat with a Minion face will make you want to go ba-ba-back.

Whether you’re craving for something sweet or not, make sure not to skip this treat because it’s only available during the Summer!

Survival Tips for a summer holiday at Universal Studios Japan

1. Get yourself an Express Pass

Standing in line under the hot sun is definitely not something you’d want so do yourself a favor and get express passes to your favorite attractions! Maximize your day in the park by jumping to the front of the lines of 4, 6, or 7 Universal Studios attractions!

Skip the lines to your favorite rides!

2. Bring a change of clothes

The weather will be warm and you will be sweating so it’s best to bring extra shirts you can change into!

3. Hydrate

Whether you’re into soda, juice, or water, make sure you always have liquids with you throughout the day! There will be lots of walking, sweating, and running (partying) around so best to avoid dizzying spells due to dehydration!

4. Fans

Nothing beats a gush of cool air in the summer heat. Bring a fan or a handheld electric fan for a breather when it gets too hot!

Join the party!

The Summer Festival will only run from June 30 to September 30, 2017 so this is something you should not miss out on if you happen to be in Osaka, Japan during this time!

Ready? Skip the lines by Klooking yourself to Universal Studios Japan and head right to the middle of the party!

Don’t forget to get yourself a pocket WiFi to share the experience with your friends and family!

Klook me to Universal Studios Japan!