what to do in Japan for your winter vacation

[Seasonal] 10 Cool Activities In Japan For Your Winter Holiday

Winter wonderland in Japan

Japan is beautiful through the seasons, but it absolutely transforms in Winter – think expansive snowscapes filled with frozen lakes and snow-capped trees. Ice festivals are held all over the island, and it’s the only time of the year when you can try your hand at activities like ice fishing!


10 Hidden Japan Attractions Best Accessed With A Kintetsu Rail Pass

Explore Japan’s best kept secrets with your Kintetsu Rail Pass!

The Japanese transport system is notoriously confusing but yet we all know it’s the most efficient and cheapest way to get around! While we all know and love the usual hits in Osaka, Kyoto and Nara, there’s so much more to be explored.

The Japanese transport system is known for its efficacy and also the many different networks. Japan Rail, Hankyu, subway and also Kintetsu lines, these trains all service the same destination. But sometimes, one station might be closer to certain attractions!

If you’re looking for new sites to explore on your pilgrimage to the Kansai region, here are some hidden gems to get you started. The best part is these places can be easily accessed with the Kintetsu Rail Pass!


Visit the usual Osaka hotspots like Japan’s tallest skyscraper Harukas 300 and home to giant whale sharks Kaiyukan Aquarium! Not only does the Kintetsu Rail Pass takes you to these hotspots, it saves you the hassle of buying single trip tickets.

If you need help deciding on which pass to get, check out our guide to the Kintetsu Rail Pass for more details.

Osaka hidden gems

1. Hozenji Yokocho Alley

Located just a few blocks away from the iconic Glico man sign along the Dotonburi River, the Hozenji Yokochi Alley is your secret hideout from the crowds. This street is lined with traditional houses and charming little shops and restaurants. The most famous is a dessert store, Meoto Zenzai where you can get your sweet tooth satisfied.

P.S. Legend has it that eating the zenzai dessert as a couple will bring you luck!

Address: 2 Chome-7-21 Higashishinsaibashi, Chuo Ward, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture 542-0083, Japan

Nearest Kintetsu station: Osaka Namba

But of course you can’t leave the Dotonburi area without a river cruise ride! The Kintetsu Osaka Namba station will take you right to the heart of Dotonburi where the shopping streets are! From there, you can stroll along the river and grab a Takoyaki or two or stock up on souvenirs at Don Don Don Ki!

Klook your Osaka Amazing Pass and not only will you get a free ride on the river cruise, you’ll even get unlimited transport on the subways, metros and buses!

2. Nipponbashi-suji Shotengai (Denden Town)

For the uninitiated, Shotengai is a local shopping street with rows of shops that carry everything residents in the area need. The Nipponbashi-suji Shotengai is the largest electronic product shopping area. Rivaling Akihabara in Tokyo, you can also find many animae stores where you can stock up on figurines and manga books!

Nearest station: Kintetsu Nipponbashi station
Address: Japan, 〒556-0005 Osaka Prefecture, Osaka, Naniwa Ward, Nipponbashi, 4 Chome−5−20 ホリノビル 3F

Nara secret spots

While many of us know Nara as the land of deers, there is so much more worth exploring beyond the doe eyed creatures.  From amusement parks to cherry blossom towns, you’ll definitely want to see more than just deers.

Visiting Nara is made easy with the Kintetsu Rail pass as it covers the Nara Kotsu Bus lines, taking you to Nara’s top attractions like the Todaiji Temple, Kasuga Taisha shrine and more.

P.S. Did you know that the Kintetsu Nara station is only a 5 minute walk to the deer park whereas the other Nara stations can be up to a 20 minute walk away!

3. Ikoma Sanjo Amusement Park

Apart from being home to the Ikoma Sanjo Amusement Park, you can also enjoy a panoramic night view of Osaka! Located atop Mt Ikoma, after a day out at the amusement park, enjoy the firework show against the backdrop of the city lights.

Did we mention that admission to the Ikoma Sanjo Amusement Park is free!

Address: 2312-1 Nabatacho, Ikoma, Nara Prefecture 630-0231, Japan

Nearest station: Ikoma Station

4. Yoshinoyama

Mount Yoshino is Japan’s most famous cherry blossom spot with over 30,000 cherry trees planted along the slopes. However, even if you are not visiting during cherry blossom season, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is still worth a visit. Named the “Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range”, there are many shrines and temples to check out on your trip up.

The Kintetsu Yoshino Line will take you straight to the Shimo Senbon where you can board the ropeway up to the entrance of the town. Plus, the Kintetsu line is the only direct train from Osaka!

Nearest station: Yoshino Station

Must visit spots in Mie

5. Yunoyama Onsen and Mt Gozaisho

Head up to the top of Mount Gozaisho and enjoy the cool breeze while you take in the spectacular views! On a clear day, you can even see as far as Mount Fuji. If you’re up for it, hike up to the top before heading to the Yunoyama Onsen Hot Springs for a good soak. Otherwise, take the ropeway up to the top of the mountain and enjoy the views along the way.

The Onsen is an 8 minute walk away from the nearest train station which is the Kintetsu Yunoyama station.  

Address: 8625 Komono, Mie District, Mie Prefecture 510-1233, Japan

Nearest station: Kintetsu Yunoyama Onsen Station

6. Shima-shi Kanko Noen Sunflower Field

Many of us have dreamt of running through a field of sunflowers, well now you can! Head to the Shima-shi Kanko Noen, also known as the tourist farm and see about 5000 sunflowers planted right before your eyes. Stand in the middle of the sunflower fields for your million dollar photo moment!

However, as with all good things, they don’t last very long. The sunflower season is usually from July to August so be sure check the city website for updates before heading down.

If you head over from December to May, you won’t leave hungry because that is strawberry season!

Address: 48 Takamidai, Toyohama, Minamichita-Town, Chita-District, Aichi Prefecture, Japan

Nearest station: Kowa station

7. Shima Spain Village

The Shima Spain Village, also known as Parque Espana in the Mie prefecture is definitely one of its kind! Located inside a national park, this little village has been landscaped to mimic that of the Andalusia region in Spain. Enjoy the amusement park, soak in a hot spring, enjoy some Spanish cuisine or simply just stroll along these picturesque streets for a day out!

If you’re heading here by train, the nearest station is the Kintetsu Shima Isobe station and there are free shuttle buses that take you to the village.

Address: Japan, 〒517-0212 Mie Prefecture, 志摩市磯部町坂崎字下山952−4

Nearest station: Kintetsu Shima Isobe Station

Check out the park calendar for the opening hours before heading down.

8. Menard Aoyama Resort Herb Garden

If walking through a carpet of lavender does not sound like heaven to you, we don’t know what will. Breathe in the fresh lavender scent as you stroll through rows and rows of purple at the Menard Aoyama Resort Herb Garden. They also have hot springs for you to soak in after a long day of walking!

To get here, hop onto the free shuttle buses from the Kintetsu Iga Kambe station.

Address: 2356 Kiryu, Iga, Mie Prefecture 518-0215, Japan

Nearest station: Iga Kambe station

Kyoto hidden gems

9. Shogunzuka Seiryu-den Glass Tea House

The Shogun Mound is located on the eastern mountains of Kyoto and the highlight of this place is definitely the observation deck. Enjoy clear views of Kyoto and even Osaka on clear days. The glass tea house at the Shogun Mound makes for great pictures, especially at sunset!

You can also take a hike up to the Shogunzuka viewpoint where you’ll get to enjoy the lush greenery as well as see landmarks like Japan’s largest bell along the way! This round trip hike will take about 2 hours and can be done by anyone in decent shape. You can begin your hike at Chion-in Temple in Southern Higashiyama.

Address: 400 Rinkacho, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture 605-8686, Japan

Nearest station: Kyoto station

If you haven’t gotten enough of tea houses, visit the Taiho-an Tea House and savor some Matcha from the birthplace of green tea, Uji! Participate in a traditional tea ceremony and learn about how the famous Uji Matcha was made.

Nagoya gems

10. Nagoya Science Museum

The Nagoya Science Museum is home to the largest planetarium in the world. This dome shaped landmark looks deceptively like the robot from the movie The Incredibles! With interactive displays like the “Tornado Lab”, the “Electric Discharge Lab” and the “Deep Freezing Lab,” there’s plenty to see and do.

Address: Japan, 〒460-0008 Aichi Prefecture, 名古屋市中区栄2丁目17−1 芸術と科学の杜・白川公園内

Nearest station: Nagoya Kintetsu station

When in Nagoya, you definitely cannot miss visiting the postcard cities of Shirakawa and Takayama. The cute little steep sloped wooden houses against a backdrop of lush greenery screams photogenic!

Other Japan essentials

Apart from these secret spots, your visit to Osaka would not be complete without a visit to Universal Studios Japan. Don’t forget to Klook your tickets to skip the lines! You’ll also need an Osaka Amazing Pass for unlimited transport around Osaka as well as free entry into these attractions.

10 Places In Tokyo To Fill Your Bellies For Under USD15

Get ready for satisfied bellies and wallets!

We all know and love Tokyo for many reasons – its quirky culture, hype beast fashion and efficient public transport system. More importantly, the Japanese food scene is known to be a gastronomic heaven! Whether you’re looking to experience some weird and wacky cafes or authentic good food, you’ll find it in Tokyo. However, Tokyo can also cost an arm and a leg if you don’t know where to look for cheap options.


Bizarre Japanese Traditions You Won’t Believe Are Real

Japan’s weird and wonderful festivals

While we all know and love the Japanese for their delicious cuisine, beautiful temples and kimonos, the Japanese are also famous being pretty strange.  Most noteworthy is their crazy festivals, traditions and competitions! These include pitting crying babies against each other and painting faces on their bellies. Recently making the news is even a competition where they break tea tables! Read on to find out some of these whacky traditions and why they exist.


Celebrate Summer With One Piece And The Minions At Universal Studios Japan!

A soaking good time awaits at Universal Studios Japan this summer 2018!

Nothing says summer in Osaka like soaking up the fun (literally) at Universal Studios Japan! Cool off from the summer heat and join your favorite One Piece characters in a battle of the super soakers. If water isn’t enough to cool you down, we hear the Minions went wild with their giant new freeze ray!

Starting from 30th June 2018, read on to find out what you can expect this summer!

One Piece invades Universal Studios Japan!

From 6th July to 30th September 2018, experience the One Piece Premier Summer in Universal Studios Japan! Based off the ever popular manga series, step into the world of straw hat pirates and get ready to celebrate summer!

One Piece Premier Show 2018

Grab your fellow straw hat friends because the One Piece Premier Show is the one thing you must not miss on your visit to Universal Studios Japan this summer. Relieve one of the most popular moments in the manga series where Luffy and the other straw hat pirates rescue Princess Vivi from crisis! Complete with fireworks, stunts and special effects, get ready for the excitement of finding your very own One Piece.

This attraction requires a separate ticket from your Universal Studios Japan admission ticket. You can get them from the official Universal Studios Japan site.

Venue: WaterWorld
Time: Doors open at 6.15pm, show begins at 7.15pm

Duration: 75 minutes

Show period: 6 July to 30 September 2018.

*Do note that there will not be a show on 10th July, 2nd August and 5th September.


One Piece Water Battle

Of course you can’t spend summer without having at least one water gun fight! Join the Straw Hat pirates in their quest to gain the hidden treasure and get in a few soaks while you’re at it.

Pick up your weapon of choice and help Luffy defeat the enemies! Be sure to pack an extra set of clothes because you can get pretty wet.

Period: 6th July to 2nd September 2018

Venue: Near the entrance of WaterWorld

Timing: Check out the daily soak sessions at the guest services centre!

Sanji’s Pirates Restaurant

You’ll definitely be starving after all that battling and there’s no better place to feel like a Straw Hat pirate than refuelling on some food by Sanji. For the uninitiated, Sanji is the Straw Hat Pirates’ cook and this themed restaurant is one of the most popular dining options as from previous years. Enjoy some delicious french cuisine as you bask in the hospitality of Sanji!

Period: 1st June to 30th September*

Opening hours: Restaurant opens 5 times a day and requires advanced seat reservations

*Do note that the restaurant is NOT open from 4th to 7th, 11th to 14th, 18th to 21st and 25th to 28th of June.

Minion Freeze Ray Sliders

Our favorite friendly little yellow friends couldn’t stand the summer heat so they stole Gru’s freeze ray gun and the next thing we knew, the entire pool at the Minion Park is frozen! If you too can’t stand the summer heat, be sure to head over to the new ice rink. Hop into the ice making machine vehicles and slide your way around the rink to free up the other frozen minions!

Getting tickets to Universal Studios Japan

With so much to see and do this summer at Universal Studios Japan, the last thing you’d want to do is spend your time outside the park queuing up for tickets. Klook your tickets to Universal Studios Japan and skip the queues! Just flash your mobile e-voucher and enter the park directly.
From the best spots to view the night parade to secret souvenirs you can get, don’t forget to check out our insider tips to conquering the park!

Travelling Just Got Cuter With Japan’s Hello Kitty Themed Shinkansen Train!

All aboard, Hello Kitty fans!

Japan Railway Co. and Sanrio have launched what may just be the cutest train in all of history – a Hello Kitty themed Shinkansen bullet train! All decked out in bright pink and purple Hello Kitty gear, fans of the Sanrio character are definitely in for a treat!

hello kitty shinkansen japan
hello kitty shinkansen japan

In case you didn’t know, the Shinkansen line of bullet trains are considered to be the fastest in Japan. That said, you can expect this Hello Kitty-adorned train to be no different – just a whole lot cuter! In addition to its charming design, guests will also be greeted with no other than Conductor Hello Kitty herself upon entering the train!

As a cherry on top to this uber cute experience, travelers will also receive special Hello Kitty freebies such as towels, handbags, and stickers!

Book your JR Passes today!

The Hello Kitty Shinkansen train will be operational starting June 30th until September 30, 2018 only. Since it is on a limited run, the Hello Kitty Shinkansen will operate only once a day, unless stated otherwise. For now, only those traveling between Shin-Osaka and Hakata will be able to avail of this uniquely themed bullet train, but stay tuned for future updates!

In case you’re traveling to other Japan regions, we’ve got JR Passes for all your travels, too!

Need more Hello Kitty?

hello kitty shinkansen japan

If this Hello Kitty themed train isn’t enough to curb your obsession, you can travel to Tokyo and visit Tokyo Sanrio Puroland! Apart from Hello Kitty, you’ll also meet a bunch of other Sanrio characters here, too!

Choosing The Right JR Pass For Your Travels In Japan

Explore Japan By Rail

Heading to Japan soon but still clueless about which Japan Rail (JR) Pass to get? Fret not, we’ve consolidated ALL the information needed to make an informed decision for choosing the right JR Pass, saving you the hassle of scouring through the net.

Discover the different types of JR Passes and choose the most suitable pass for your upcoming Japan adventure!

What are the different types of JR Passes Available?

Green vs Ordinary Passes

Think economy vs business class for airplane flights. The Green Pass gives you access to the Green Car, which is equivalent to business class for airplane flights. Some of these added advantages include:

  • Spacious seats that recline and more legroom
  • Hot/cold towel before boarding
  • Extra storage space
  • Seat reservation

If you don’t mind paying more for the extra legroom and luggage space, you can choose to pamper yourself with the Green Passes! For Green Passes, seat reservation is required to be made at the JR Pass office before every train ride. Prices for Green and Ordinary Passes vary, so do check before you book.

Choice of 7, 14 & 21 Days

You can choose the duration of the JR Pass based on the number of days you’ll be travelling in Japan. For Whole Japan JR Passes, there are 7, 14 & 21 days passes available and you’ll enjoy unlimited travel during the validity period. Since there is no option to split the duration of travel, once the pass is activated, the clock starts!

Whole Japan vs Regional JR Passes

With more than 20 variations of JR Passes to choose from, the first step is knowing which areas of Japan you’d like to cover.

The Whole Japan Rail Pass allows you to thoroughly explore the whole of Japan with unlimited train rides in-between cities and within cities, with consecutive 7, 14, and 21 days passes to choose from. This pass would be perfect if you’re planning to explore Japan without staying in one specific region, since it provides the greatest flexibility in hitting all the best spots in Japan!

However, if you plan your route well and know the specific regions that you’d like to cover, choosing the regional passes would definitely be more cost-effective. Also, certain regional passes have non-consecutive day passes so you can travel slower, and take your time exploring each city.

Klook tips on city specific passes in Japan

Book Your Japan Rail Pass Here!

Types of Regional JR Passes

If the cities you’re planning to go to fall under one Regional JR Pass, that JR Pass would be the best fit for your travels in Japan! Otherwise, consider getting the Whole Japan JR Pass as it allows greater flexibility travelling around the different regions in Japan.

Central Japan

Source: Japan Rail Pass

5 Day JR Takayama-Hokuriku Area Pass

Source: Japan Rail Pass

5 Day JR Ise-Kumano-Wakayama Area Pass

  • Popular cities: Osaka, Nagoya, Ise, Wakayama and Shirahama

Source: Japan Rail Pass

5 Day JR Alpine-Takayama-Matsumoto Area Pass

  • Popular Cities: Nagoya, Takayama, Matsumoto, Toyama

Source: Japan Rail Pass

3 Day Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Area Pass Mini

  • Enjoy unlimited travel within Shizuoka Prefecture and get a chance to see the famous Mt. Fuji up close!

East Japan

JR East Pass (Nagano/Niigata Area)

  • Popular Cities: Tokyo, Nagano, Niigata and Karuizawa

JR East Pass (Tohoku Area)

  • Popular Cities: Tokyo, Aomori, Hirosaki, Yamagata, Fukushima and Sendai

West Japan


4 Day JR Hokuriku Area Pass

  • Popular Cities: Kanazawa, Kurobe, Fukui and Awara Onsen

Source: Japan Rail Pass

7 Day JR Hokuriku Arch Pass

  • Popular Cities: Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and Hokuriku

7 Day JR Kansai Hokuriku Area Pass

  • Popular Cities: Osaka, Kyoto, Okayama, Kanazawa, and Toyama
    You get access to major cities in the Kansai and Hokuriku region!

4 Day JR San’in Okayama Area Pass

  • Popular Cities: Okayama, Kurashiki, Tsuyama and Takahashi


5 Day JR Hiroshima Yamaguchi Area Pass

  • Popular Cities: Hiroshima, Yamaguchi, Hakata, Miyajima and Onomichi

Source: West JR

5 Day JR Okayama-Hiroshima-Yamaguchi Area Pass

  • Popular Cities: Hakata, Yamaguchi, Hiroshima, Okayama and Takamatsu

Source: Japan Guide

5 Day JR Setouchi Area Pass

  • Popular Cities: Osaka, Kyoto, Okayama, Hiroshima, Yamaguchi and Fukuoka


Source: Japan Guide

3 Day JR Hokkaido Rail Pass
5 Day JR Hokkaido Rail Pass
7 Day JR Hokkaido Rail Pass

  • Enjoy unlimited travels to major cities in Hokkaido via JR Hokkaido Limited Express/Express, local trains and buses. These passes are valid for consecutive days within the validity period.
  • Why not check out our Hokkaido food guide for the best delicacies to feast on while you’re there.

Flexible JR Hokkaido Rail Pass

  • Unlimited travels to major cities in Hokkaido via JR Hokkaido Limited Express/Express, local trains and buses for 4 flexible days within a 10 days window period.

Flexible 6 Day JR East-South Hokkaido Rail Pass

  • Take rides on all Shinkansen in the area between Tokyo and Sapporo. The easiest and fastest way to explore the Tohoku and Southern Hokkaido regions with unlimited travels for any 6 days within a 14 days window period.


JR-West Kansai Rail Pass

5 Day JR Kansai WIDE Area Pass

  • Popular Cities: Osaka, Kyoto, Okayama, Nara and Kobe
    Explores a wider range of the Kansai region, including Okayama!

5 Day JR Kansai Hiroshima Area Pass

  • Unlimited travels to major cities in Kansai and Hiroshima!


Source: Japan Rail Pass

JR North-Kyushu Rail Pass (Japan Pick Up)

  • Popular Cities: Nagasaki, Fukuoka, Oita

Source: Japan Rail Pass

JR Kyushu Rail Pass

  • Popular Cities: Nagasaki, Fukuoka, Oita, Kagoshima and Miyazaki


Source: Japan Rail Pass

JR All Shikoku Rail Pass

  • Popular Cities: Tokushima, Kotohira, Matsuyama, Kochi, and Tokushima

How to Book Your JR Pass Tickets

Now that you’ve decided on the JR Pass most suitable for your trip, the next step would be purchasing them!

On the Klook site/app, the JR pass booking page allows you to filter the passes via the different locations, hence making it easier for you to compare the prices between passes. You’ll also be able to filter via your JR Pass pick-up location, and the number of days you require for you JR Pass.

Desktop Version

Mobile Version

With the Klook website and app, booking your JR Pass is seamless and easy, with the lowest price guaranteed! For a step-by-step guide on buying your JR Pass through Klook, hop over to All You Need To Know About The Japan Rail Pass.

How To Deal With Harry Potter Withdrawals In The Muggle World

Grab your Nimbus 2000 and get soaring!

If you’ve re-read the 7 Harry Potter books and had the movies on replay umpteen times but still suffering from severe withdrawals, we’ve got the solution for you. While you should definitely continue to check your postbox for your Hogwarts acceptance letters, we’ve found other ways of living out our wizarding dreams. These places resemble the Wizarding World so much you’d definitely want to apparate there immediately. Grab your Floo powder and get ready for some magic!

1. Set your drinks on fire at Platform 1094

platform 1094
Enter the enchanted world of Platform 1094 in Singapore where drinks light up in flames and food appears out of thin air! Apart from their delicious Western-fusion food, this place is perfect for your wizarding dreams. Put on your best robes and arm yourselves with the elder wand because things are about to get magical!

platform 1095 mr lich's flaming brew
Take a sip of Mr Lich’s flaming brew and feel your insides set come alive! This magical drink not only seeks to rehydrate the soul but also makes a great Instagram boomerang. Klook your Mr Lich’s flaming brew for deal that will leave the Gringotts goblins very happy with your bank balance.

pesto mayo pork ribs platform 1094
These melt in your mouth Pesto Mayo Pork Ribs taste so good they belong in the Grand Feast! With the right amount of Pesto over char grilled ribs served alongside some chargrilled veggies, we can see you coming back for more.

pesto mayo pork ribs platform 1094

Klook your Pesto Mayo Ribs set along with Mr Lich’s Flaming Brew to enjoy a complete meal! Plus, since combos are open-dated, just apparate over whenever you feel like and chow down on these great eats.

platform 1094 the seeker
If you’re got a sweet tooth, you’ll definitely need to try their artisanal desserts. Klook the signature combo B and get your Pesto Mayo ribs along with the Goal Seeker! We don’t know what sorcery this decadent chocolate dessert has but it will definitely leave you wanting more.

Klook me to Platform 1094!

2. Visit Hogwarts at Universal Studios Wizarding World of Harry Potter

USJ harry potter

Get ready for your visit to Hogwarts with a visit to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios Japan or Universal Studios Hollywood! Sip on a cup of Butterbeer from Three Broomsticks as you stroll through Hogsmeade, but be warned you will be tempted to buy everything you see. More important, don’t forget to head into Ollivander’s to pick up your wand! There are special spots along Hogsmeade where you get to perform magic with just a swish and flick of your wand.

universal studios japan

Klook your Universal Studios passes for open-dated direct entry into these parks. Afterall, with so much to see and do, who has time to queue!

Klook me to Universal Studios Japan!

Klook me to Universal Studios Hollywood!

3. Master your potions skills at The Cauldron

the cauldron london

the cauldron
Source: thecauldron

If you’re looking to hone your potions skills before attending Professor Snape’s classes, head over to the Cauldron in London to get some practice! Brew potions with molecular mixology that even Snape would approve of. They even offer magical cocktail lessons where you get to wield magic wands to create the perfect brew.

But if you’re just looking to drink to your heart’s content, we’d get a huge mug of the “Four Cauldrons”. This limited edition beer inspired by a wizard’s wand contains hints of oak, vanilla and ginger sure sounds like a treat not to be missed.

4. Visit the movie sites on the Harry Potter Walking Tour

harry potter walking tour map
Source: theculturetrip 

If you’re a potterhead in London, this should definitely be on the top of your must-visit list. This walking tour takes you to places like Diagon Alley, Platform 9¾, the Leaky Cauldron and much more! You’ll even get to stand at the exact spot where the Death Eaters destroyed the Millennium Bridge.

Klook your Harry Potter Walking Tour and uncover the movie magic with your experienced guide. Be sure to put on your comfiest walking shoes because there’s a whole lot to be explored!

Klook me the Harry Potter Walking Tour!

5. Uncover the movie magic at Warner Bros Studio Tour

harry potter warner bros studio tour harry potter warner bros studio tour

Get a feel of what it’s like to be a cast of the Harry Potter films in the Warner Bros Studio Tour in London! Step through the Great Hall furnished with original props from the series and explore the Gryffindor common room and if you dare, the Forbidden Forest. There’s even a full sized model of Buckbeak!

Klook your Warner Bros Studio Tour and enjoy a round-trip transfer in air conditioned buses with free WiFi! After all, we know that getting there from central London can be quite a hassle if you can’t drive.

Klook me to the Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio Tour!

6. Live like Harry in the Georgian House Hotel

georgian house hotel
source: georgianhousehotel

If you really truly want the Hogwarts experience, you’ll need to spend a night at the Georgian House Hotel Wizard Chambers in London. While this one night stay might burn a huge hole in your pocket, this secret room concealed behind a bookcase door might just your gateway to a night of magic and marvel.

Each room features stained glass windows, stone walls, trunks, cauldrons and of course four- poster beds! Each stay even comes with the full English breakfast for the complete magic journey.

7. Step into a digital wizard world with Pottermore


Not only can you live out your Harry Potter dreams in the muggle world, you can do so in the digital world as well! Head over to Pottermore and register for a free account to find out which Hogwarts house you belong to as well as what your Patronus is.

Explore the Hogwarts Castle grounds and get taken into a whole new dimension! With 100 different hotspots to uncover, you’ll be glued to your screens for sure.

8. Look the part with the Harry Potter Collection

harry potter primark
Source: primark

harry potter blackmilk
Source: blackmilk 

To look the part, you first have to dress the part! Get decked out in your Harry Potter gear before heading to these muggle hotspots for the complete experience. Be sure to get sorted by the Sorting Hat on Pottermore so you can buy outfits that match your results.

We suggest Primark or Black Milk Clothing for your outfit needs! They have a huge range of Harry Potter gear that are not just fitting for the occasion but also extremely in trend!

9. Live out the magic at Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

harry potter and the cursed child
source: harrypottertheplay

If you’re curious to find out what happens to Harry Potter after the movie ends, you should definitely catch the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child musical. We won’t be giving away any spoilers here but we know that tickets sell like hotcakes so be sure to camp early for your tickets if you plan on catching the magic!

What we can say is that you won’t be disappointed with real life magic happening before your eyes. Watch the Harry Potter characters grow up just as we all have grown up with the series.